Grace + Trevor's Baby Shower Part 3

Photobooths are always so much fun at parties, and this party was no different! Since Grace + Trevor's baby shower was safari-themed, I tried to work in safari-related props and animal masks to liven up the party. :)

The photobooth was basically just some green polka dot fabric attached with clothespins to string that we tied between the park ramada and some playground equipment. I know, so glamorous. I added some leaf garland for some extra color and jungle-ness. It was also crazy windy that day, so we had to tie it down from all four corners.

I sewed these animal masks out of felt for the photobooth. I was inspired by the lion mask I saw here. I hope baby Cece can play with these when she gets a little older!

I think I might have sewed the elephant ears upside down. Or so I'm told by elephant experts. This also resulted in several people wearing the mask upside down. Haha.

Other props: safari hat, binoculars, magnifying glass, speech bubble chalkboards (made from black foam core and chalkboard contact paper - best invention ever, I might add)

A few more pics!

Alvina  – (March 4, 2011 at 7:09 AM)  

Wow good job on the masks. I would've just bought them from the dollar store... But these will last longer! :]

esther  – (March 8, 2011 at 7:51 PM)  

sooo cute! you're my hero. that's all.

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