DIY Paper Garland

I hate throwing things away. Especially pretty things. I have stashes of cute paper bags, boxes, ribbons, and tissue paper all salvaged from gifts and purchases from retail stores. I love to find ways of reusing these items in my craft projects - there's something about being able to repurpose an item to create a whole new item that makes my insides tingle with delight.

For this project, I repurposed an old paper bag from Paper Source. I loved the colors and the striped pattern on the bag.

I got out my circle craft punches and started punching away.

Afterward, I ran the circles through my sewing machine with random gaps in between. To keep the threads from tangling, I wound them up on a an old cardboard tube.

And when I was ready to use it, I just wrapped it around a gift, and tied it with a bow. :)

*Sorry for the poor lighting. Such is my fate when I work on projects late at night... :/

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