Sew bored...

I've been a little bored lately. This week, the school where I'm tutoring had parent teacher conferences, so I didn't have to go in. What to do with all my free time??? There's only so much wedding stuff I can do before my eyes start glazing over from looking at lavender-colored paper too long. I've been trying to put the finishing touches on the invitations (I use the term "finishing touches" loosely because I think I've been putting "finishing touches" on them since December), but sometimes I need to just switch mediums.

Sooo... this week, I made two crafty sewing projects! :) When I was in LA, I picked up these super awesome/comfy silver flats that I plan to wear during the reception after my feet start dying from my other 3-inch heels. But then, the question arose: however am I going to carry around my cute, silver flats?? Why in a color-coordinated draw-string bag, of course!

Next, my friend Daniel recently moved into a new place and bought a new kitchen table. The chairs are all wooden and are a little hard on your bottom, so I offered to make him seat cushions. Here they are! :)

What project shall I do next...

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