A Grenadian Birthday

It's Dean's birthday today! We didn't get to celebrate too much because midterms are coming up for him and he's been hitting the books pretty hard...but we did manage to sneak in a few treats here and there! I brought him lunch on campus and surprised him with some chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.

There aren't too many choices for eating out in Grenada, so rather than splurge at a "fancy" restaurant, we decided to save the nicer meal for when we're back in the US. Instead, we stopped by the local pizza parlor and got a pizza and some ice cream. Rick's is just a two minute walk away from us and feels kinda like walking into America in the late 90's. They serve some pretty good pizza and milkshakes (the nutmeg flavor is awesome!) and play a lot of American pop music...including Dean's favorite Backstreet Boys. (Whoops, did I just write that?? Good thing he never reads this.)

pepperoni & pineapple - our favorite

"power" flavor - apparently, it's made with Guinesss

And here's a final shot of the birthday boy (badly in need of a haircut, I might add). Don't worry, I don't feed him pizza and KFC all the time. We've only had it once. :P 

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