Gotta Collect 'Em All!

Well, there's actually only one more month of summer left, but I wanted to share with you a little project I did for our summer camp this year. To help generate excitement for camp and to help with marketing a bit, we came up with the idea of having buttons/pins that corresponded with each week's theme. Some of the themes we had included Pirate Week Crafty Creations, Camping Week, Gamerz, Entrepreneur Week, and Hollywood Glam, to name a few. The children were encouraged to come each week, receive their collectible button, and redeem them at the very end for exciting prizes!

For the icons, I used a lot of the pre-made ones available in Illustrator and also created a few of my own to add to the mix. I assigned each icon an appropriate color to help further distinguish each week from the next.

We ended up getting this button machine and starter kit from Badge-A-Minit because they had the most affordable option for our purposes. It's definitely not as nice as an automatic one, but for the quantities that we needed, it worked just fine! It takes a little practice to get it just right though.

Here's a wall display I created to let all the children and parents know about our weekly themes.

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