Floating Cream

One of our themes during Spring Camp for the kids was "Entrepreneur Day" where we asked them to brainstorm business ideas, and then to come up with a plan and strategy to execute their business ideas. The group I worked with decided to open up a Rootbeer float shop that they named Floating Cream.

They did all the research as to how much ice cream and Rootbeer cost, estimated how much they would need, how much to price the floats, and even conducted a customer survey with their peers to see which flavors of ice cream and soda they liked best.

After that, they designed their logo and marketing materials, including custom cup wrappers, brochures, flyers, and a poster for the shop table.

The shop was such a smashing success, we've since re-opened it every Friday! I'm so proud of the work they did, from their thoughtful design process to their business-savvy in conducting marketing research and advertising to their excellent customer service!

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