Crazy for IZZE

IZZES at my wedding
IZZES at my wedding

Anybody who knows me well (or went to my wedding!) knows that I love IZZE drinks! :) There's something irresistible about the bubbly, fruity, all-natural soda that makes my insides and outsides giggle with delight every time I drink one. Whenever I go to Starbucks, I choose IZZE over a coffee drink any day. (At only 120 calories with no refined sugars or artificial flavors, you should too!)

Anyway, when a friend told me about IZZE's free t-shirt giveway, I knew I had to get one. :) Many weeks later, I've finally received my t-shirt! Now I can be dorky and wear my IZZE shirt while I drink my IZZES. :D

IZZE Lime shirt
IZZE Lime shirt (that's my Crumpler camera bag in the background...I
snuck it in the picture cuz it matches the shirt!

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