5 A Day

One of the biggest perks of living in sunny California has been the fresh produce available at super low prices. I still surprise myself every time I walk out of the grocery store with my hands full of groceries and my wallet not empty!

Yesterday, I did my regular grocery shopping and even though I expected it to be cheap, I was still blown away by the great deals I got. Here's a breakdown:

3.5 lbs of potatoes

3.5 lbs of mexican squash

4 cucumbers

3.5 lbs of onions

6 large avocadoes

9 mangoes

3.5 lbs of tomatoes

1 bunch of green scallions

1 bag of carrots

4 lbs of bananas



Incredible, right??? And that's enough fresh produce to feed us for at least two weeks. In Arizona, we had some good deals sometimes, usually one or two items a week. But here, the consistently low prices week after week just never cease to amaze me. Another point for California.

(Btw, this leaves me extra money for buying cheese every week! :))

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