DIY Photobooth

When I started seeing photobooths pop up in wedding blogs and magazines, I knew I wanted to have one at our wedding because they are just too fun! The cost to rent a photobooth was out of the question, so I decided, once again, to DIY! :) Here's what you need to make your own photobooth:

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1. Lots of heavy-duty string (none of that thin, flimsy stuff)

2. Tall trees to hang your string (and strong boys to help you hang it!)

3. Old bedsheets

4. Old picture frames with the glass and pictures removed (make sure you remove all nails and staples that might be sticking out so guests don't hurt themselves)

5. Chalkboard & chalk (or whiteboard and dry-erase markers!)

6. Tons of crazy guests to write you silly messages and make funny poses for you to capture on camera :)

Here are some of our favorite photobooth pictures we collected from the wedding. Enjoy! :)

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