Dinner at the Biro's

Dean and I received our first dinner invitation the other day from our friends Nancy and Adam! I've known Nancy since our days going to school together at Rhodes Junior High, and just met Adam about two years ago when they started dating. Nancy and Adam were married last year in August at the Hole-in-the-Rock at Papago Park. It was a sweet, very private ceremony with only Nancy, Adam, and a small handful of their close friends. They had their wedding reception a few months later at Top of the Rock at the Marriott Buttes Resort in Tempe.

It felt really strange (but fun!) to go out as a married couple and hang out with another married couple! Nancy made beef stroganoff, and it was so yummy, I think I got thirds! :) Nancy and Adam also have two dogs - Autumn and Sprockets - who made for great dinner entertainment. I have a major fear of dogs, but after getting to know Autumn and Sprockets a little bit better, I was actually able to stay in the same room as them! Nancy was proud of me. :)

Me and Nancy
Me and Nancy

Thanks for having us over, Nancy and Adam!

P.S. It's our one-month anniversary today!! How time flies. :)

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