Snapshots + Reminder

Hi everybody! Just a reminder that you can find me now at my new home here. Click on over to view snapshots from this week.

And don't forget that the custom design giveaway ends Tuesday night. It's not too late to enter!


Blog launch + Giveaway

I'm happy to announce that Lavender's Blue is moving to a new home. To celebrate the occasion, I'm hosting a giveaway! Head on over there to read all about it.

Be sure to update your feed readers and bookmarks. I will no longer be updating this site. Thanks for all your love and support these past few years. See you soon. :)



1. camembert + apple // 2. tropical flower // 3. homemade birthday ice cream // 4. birthday cards // 5. lobster risotto // 6. ting grapefruit soda // 7. carrot cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting // 8. tubing with the girls // 9. bulgogi + kimchee


SOO Photography Auction Fundraiser

I've been helping out with some of the advertising campaigns for the fundraisers that the SO (Significant Other) Organization has been putting on here in Grenada. Here's the latest one for a photography auction! The auction was last night, and it was loads of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures. I was too busy stuffing my face with brownies and ice cream. :P 



I turn twenty-seven today! We celebrated this past weekend with a cookout on the beach with some friends, complete with bacon-wrapped Sonoran hot dogs, snorkeling, and good ol' Monopoly Deal. On Monday, I spent the day celebrating with Dean. We went kayaking at SGU's University Club and then spent the afternoon cooking up a lobsterfest for dinner. We're going to have lobster bisque for dinner tonight. Thanks for all your birthday wishes! I am the luckiest girl. :) 

Find recipes for the butter-poached lobster with roe sauce and for lobster tomalley garlic bread here


DIY Confetti System Garland

I've seen these confetti system garlands popping up everywhere, but at $130 each, they're a bit out of my price range (and I'm not even sure if they ship to Grenada!). I decided to try my hand at making them for Dean and Jade's party using what was available to me here on the island. You'll only need two things - streamers and scissors. Oh, and maybe some hot glue that you don't see here...

hot glue

Step 1: Grab a length of streamer twice the length of your final tassel. Continue doing this, overlapping until you have a stack about 6 layers thick. 

Step 2: Cut the ends so that you end up with six separate pieces. Keep them stacked. 

Step 3: Fold all six pieces in half lengthwise. 

Step 4: Starting at the open end (not the folded end), cut thin strips all the way across.

Step 5: Open up the layers and roll them up in the middle. Twist the middle tightly. 

Step 6: Fold the twist in half to create a loop and continue twisting. Put a dab of hot glue in the twists to hold in place.

Step 7: Pull apart the fringes and fluff up your tassels. Make a bunch, loop them onto string, and hang.

(Don't they look like jellyfish here?)



1. dock at SGU campus // 2. brick wall across from our apartment // 3. quiet time in the morning // 4. roasting food at the beach //  5. bacon-wrapped hot dogs // 6. with toppings! // 7. hermit crab // 8. monopoly deal // 9. saturday afternoon 

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